Workshop offers certification for using prescribed fire as management tool

Guys like to play with fire. I know this from years of observation and plenty of personal experience. I have helped to build brush piles nearly as big as a barn, and on at least one other occasion, burned an old barn that more closely resembled a brush pile than a building. The desire toContinue reading “Workshop offers certification for using prescribed fire as management tool”

Backyard bird feeder brightens bleak winter background

Only when the squirrels manage to outsmart my arsenal of prevention devices does monitoring the birds in my backyard cause me any angst at all. I love to stare out the window watching them fly, flit and fight over free seeds. Obviously the food is free for them and not for me, but I canContinue reading “Backyard bird feeder brightens bleak winter background”

Changes in camera technology add to hunting adventures

Anyone who has been around a while has seen his share of advancements. From the guy who was using stone tools when metal made its appearance, or the horse and buggy driver who lived long enough to own trucks and cars, or the bow and arrow native Americans who found firearms as an option, theContinue reading “Changes in camera technology add to hunting adventures”